Sunday, January 23, 2011

How to Decorate Small Apartment?

Moving to an apartment with limited space makes some people not familiar with several rooms that are attached. Apartments are rife at this time usually brings together a private room with other rooms.

Despite having to live in a smaller room, use creativity to make your stay comfortable mini room and beautiful. Here are some tips on arranging such cramped apartment contained in Shine.

1. If the bed size is small enough and can be folded, put in a closet that can be shifted. That will expand the room when not in use.

2. We recommend that you select a table and some chairs that can be folded when there is no room visits. When holding a small dinner party, remove the back.

3. Allow at least one wall is completely free of decoration or shelf. Plain wall in a narrow space to create the impression of more widespread.

4. Find appliances and furniture with a double function. A dining table can also serve as a storage drawer. Use beds that can serve as a sofa. Double furniture makes you have fewer items in limited space. To get a table at once crate storage, add a sheet of clear glass on a wooden crate.

5. Use a decorative curtain that hung from the ceiling to the floor to hide the large storage boxes and other trinkets that are not included in the cabinet.


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