Monday, January 24, 2011

How to Care Wood Furniture

Wooden furniture found in the home such as tables, chairs, and cabinets is the right choice to create a warm and comfortable atmosphere for the residents.

In addition, natural shades and classic when adjusted for the nuances of the room will give a touch of elegance to the interior of the room. No doubt, you will feel more comfortable to spend time at home.

However, caring for the furniture it also requires diligence. Especially in today's rainy season, mushrooms and humid air often become a major threat to wood furniture, dirt and dust accumulate even faster. If this is ignored constant, then sooner or later the appearance of your furniture will be damaged and unsightly. To avoid this, get used early to treat and protect your valuable wood furniture.

The simplest way is to clean dust and dirt on the surface of your furniture at least once a week. Use a soft cloth so as not to scratch the surface of the furniture. Affordable for the hard part, especially in the carving, use a small brush to clean it. If you want maximum results, spray once a month or a liquid layer of wax on furniture furniture nurses who have been cleared, and blend it with a cloth.

Undoubtedly your wooden furniture will always look clean and shiny as new.
To maintain the beauty of the color of wood furniture, try not to put furniture in a place exposed to direct sunlight. Sunlight gradually to make the color fade and damage furniture surface coating.

Attach the base if you want to put objects on the furniture, and do not get used to shift the objects on it. Protector hot and cold drinks should also be used if you want to put the drink on the wooden table.

This is intended to avoid tergoresnya furniture surface coating.
For furniture durable and not easily broken, put furniture in a dry place and keep things wet or damp like a plant so as not to directly touch the surface. Easy enough, right? Good care for your wood furniture.

Bedroom Wall PaintingTips

You no longer need to guess a suitable color for the room if you know the tricks and tips.

Painting the rooms are a challenge, especially for those who menignginkan room atmosphere appropriate to the character. Some people more often choose colors that match your mood when choosing a color, not on actual needs.

Here are some tips that can reduce the risk of failure when choosing a color to paint the bedroom.

Buy good quality paint, and usually more expensive. Paint quality usually have strict standards and clear guidance about how to use them. Often, it paints such as these have special programs (eg in cooperation with the magazine to issue a blend of colors) that allows us to choose the color as desired. Options wanranya even more.

Preparation, this is the main factor of success a perfect painting. Often a lack of preparation makes us lose a lot. Placement of color on the wall for example, can be more precise if we have an image design or color scheme that has been prepared

Remove any items that are not necessary, such as nails or used insulation still attached to the wall. Painting can also be more perfect if the wall is flat, then close the hole or coakan with putty or with cement to dry before painting.

If the room has two different colors, use insulation to cover the tools on the boundary color. Isolation makes the connection more flat colors and look beautiful Remove isolation after the paint dried.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Unique Furniture For Comfort Home

Interior house would not look comfortable if not equipped with unique furnishings. For furniture that is unique and interesting it can make the occupants feel comfortable and more welcome to stay at home.

Do you already have these items to provide comfort of your home? If not, soon plan to add a collection of home furnishings with the following items:

Soft blanket
Room bedroom feels incomplete, if not equipped with a soft blanket. With the softness of a blanket, not just make you sleep soundly but also feel comfortable in the room.

Scented candles
A familiar and comforting smell can instantly make you feel comfortable, not to mention the warm glow candle light. Guaranteed to make the atmosphere more relaxing home.

Music speakers
Beautiful music can change everything. To that end, provide the right speakers in the house so the sound quality of music sound more beautiful and make the home atmosphere became more relaxed.

Modern cookware
A healthy and clean kitchen equipped modern equipment did not only make the house more modern interior. Because, now the kitchen is not only used as a place to cook but also as a comfortable family gathering place. For that, cipatakan kelaurga convenient to your kitchen.

Photo frame
Snapshot photos of friends and family as a table or wall decoration is a way to show the guests that your family is full of happy moments. It also can provide comfort not only for families but also for people who were visiting.

Fresh Flowers
Flowers can be an entertainer and could provide freshness in every room, especially the flowers with bright colors, can make the atmosphere more cheerful home.

Tips to Get A Healthy Bathroom

The bathroom is an important part in the design of a dwelling. Not only accommodate self-cleaning activity, a bathroom is also a private zone for the occupants of the house to indulge and express themselves.

In the arrangement of space (zoning) that follow the traditional pattern, the bathroom is always placed in the area behind the house, often separate from the core house. Its function is thought to be related to things that are dirty, so no proper place in the house.

But the current placement of the bathroom have followed the pattern of western-style arrangement that is in or the front of the house. The pattern of this arrangement is considered more fitting with modern lifestyle serbapraktis.

In countries with humid air Events such as Indonesia, making the bathroom, especially in the bathroom, need to be planning more mature. What should be considered to design a healthy bathroom?

• Size
Adjust the size of the bathroom area and space requirements. If you want to put the sink, cabinet, especially the bathtub, you should have a wide area. If the area is limited bathroom should not be forced to enter all the elements, because the bathroom will feel cramped and uncomfortable.

• Wet or dry
Indonesian people make shower style wet bathroom more selected. The bathroom is still using water container vessel, but some are already using the shower. If you prefer dry bathroom, shower location must be separated and given a partition such as glass or plastic curtain so the floor remains dry.

• Materials
Material selection is important for safety and comfort while bathing. For coating the floor, choose materials that are not smooth and easily cleaned of residual soap or moss.

• Color
Color is a personal choice of home owners, but for the sake of convenience, choose bright colors and light. Do not use dark colors, because it will make the bathroom feel more cramped, stuffy, and too many mosquitoes.

• Natural light
The bathroom is especially the wet nest of germs. Therefore, the bathroom must have adequate lighting, especially natural lighting. If all the bathroom walls are not in direct contact with the outer space area, make a few openings to incorporate natural light. For example, by making transparent the translucent roof light.

• Air Circulation
One of the things important to make healthy bathroom is a smooth air circulation. Circulation is important agarudara in the bathroom is still fresh and not stuffy. Make the vents in the wall, above the door, or opening to the ceiling. You can also install exhaust fans so that the velocity of the air more smoothly

How To Organize Garden Party?

If you do not plan to go anywhere this weekend, why not make the show fun at home? Eg garden party.

With your family, you can do a barbecue party or just gather while enjoying a night away from home.

Such a garden party more memorable non-formal and casual. So that could lead to an atmosphere more intimate and warm.
In order for a garden party atmosphere is more awake, you should also think about the decor.

How to arrange an attractive decoration for your garden party?

Prepare garden
First of all you have to clean and prepare your garden. Specify corner of the park which would be used for party central. For example, in the terrace garden, in the middle of the park, or by the pool.

Determine theme decor
The theme decorations like what you want? You can choose natural style party with trinkets made from natural or romantic style with a decorative fabric curtains.

You also need to think about the needs of furniture. If your party is to eat one night while sitting at a long table, you must make sure over how many guests who came to his seat fitting.

If you prefer a relaxed style of Lesbian, prepare the coffee table and carpet to cushion. Do not forget to provide small pillows to cushion and back.

Although not too festive decorations, ornaments accessories can turn your party arrangements. For example, a simple flower arrangements or pedestal table interesting. The device can also be an interesting meal at the center of attention at the order desk.

For lighting garden party, do not need bright lights. Dim dim lighting can make even more romantic atmosphere. For example, candles or lamps beautiful garden.

5 Tricks To Arrange Small House

For urban society, the home has become a place to unwind after a day of activities. Structuring a house is usually also reflects the lifestyle of its inhabitants, ranging from selecting furniture to paint colors.

The problem is, many people consider a house comfortable synonymous with luxury and large sizes. However, do not fret old, small house can be made comfortable if you know the trick to change it.

Here are some tips to change the small house into a palace to make residents feel comfortable, not just a shelter when the rains come or when the sun sting earth.

1. Select furniture is minimalist and efficient
In order not to seem narrow, you can choose a minimalist furniture that will be displayed as a place to put stuff. It is necessary to avoid the accumulation of goods at an angle so that the little house look more crowded due to the many goods. Large table as a place of work can disiasati with folding tables attached to the wall, so that when not in use, the room will look vacant.

2. Simple material
Avoid heavy furniture made of wood as main material while managing a small house. Tools made of wood will make the house look cramped little impressed. Plastic material with bright colors can be a solution for the room that wants to look baggy.

3. Glass as a medium
You can also use glass as a medium for 'enlarge' room. Put the glass is large enough in the corner as the effect of expanding the narrow room. Another function of this glass can be used also as a mirror.

4. Save Energy with brightness adjustment
The playhouse can also be a place to save on electric light. The use of ventilation or large windows will make sunlight into the house naturally. In the daytime these conditions will make the room has natural light. As evening approached, the electrical energy through the medium of the lamp stand will make the room look wider.

5. The use of white color
White synonymous with clean and spacious impression, so it can be used as an alternative to anticipate the space to be seen widely. Furniture chosen should also match the white color on the wall. Playing a color other than white can be done if you want to give accent to a certain angle, this is to avoid the room seemed stiff.

How to Decorate Small Apartment?

Moving to an apartment with limited space makes some people not familiar with several rooms that are attached. Apartments are rife at this time usually brings together a private room with other rooms.

Despite having to live in a smaller room, use creativity to make your stay comfortable mini room and beautiful. Here are some tips on arranging such cramped apartment contained in Shine.

1. If the bed size is small enough and can be folded, put in a closet that can be shifted. That will expand the room when not in use.

2. We recommend that you select a table and some chairs that can be folded when there is no room visits. When holding a small dinner party, remove the back.

3. Allow at least one wall is completely free of decoration or shelf. Plain wall in a narrow space to create the impression of more widespread.

4. Find appliances and furniture with a double function. A dining table can also serve as a storage drawer. Use beds that can serve as a sofa. Double furniture makes you have fewer items in limited space. To get a table at once crate storage, add a sheet of clear glass on a wooden crate.

5. Use a decorative curtain that hung from the ceiling to the floor to hide the large storage boxes and other trinkets that are not included in the cabinet.