Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Excited to Scrapbooking

Since 1 month ago, I interested in scrapbooking. Honestly, I have never tried offline scrapbooking, just adore a beautiful combination of picture. Then I browse in internet, found hundreds of scrapbooking online site. Wow, amazing really love this.

Fyi, my another interest is making blogger template so I can make a scrapbook as background template. This template is my first trial work , you can visit another at Ipietoon later. Hope I can update it regularly. Next, I will list great scrapbooking resources, so you can create your own scrap.


  1. Tok tok tok, ada rumah baru nih heh..e... cuantik banget rumahnya kayak yang punya.

  2. @mas seno:xixixiix lah kebanyakan blog preview sekalian aja di isi postingan